6 Years Ago, I Married My Travel Partner

By 10:00 PM ,

Through trial and tribulation
Countless fights and just as many make up kisses
Airports, passport stamps and city maps
So many things have changed from year to year
But I’m thankful your love has remained a constant
And that the vows we said on our wedding day still ring true:

‘I promise to be your partner in adventure’

-Bali, December 8th 2007-
-Balkans, December 8th 2013-

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  1. asik banget yaaaah klo married nya sama partner yang punya hobi & minat sama. semoga langgeng terus dan jalan2 terus yaaa

  2. happy anniversay mbak feb n mas yvan :)

  3. Awww... happy anniversary you guys. Febbie potong rambut?

  4. Wow happy anniversary ya Kak Feb...cantik banget fotonya :)

  5. Keren yah bisa ketemu jodoh yang punya hobi sama. :D Happy anniversary yahh.. Moga terus bahagia dan dipenuhi cinta yang selalu baru tiap hari. Aminn..

  6. Happy anniversary, salam kenal ya :))))

  7. Happy Anniversary, kakakkk :)

    Btw, nice photo ;)

  8. Thank you everyone....THANK YOU ! :-)

  9. happy anniversary mba.... Langgeng trus.. moga2 aku bisa kayak kalian, slalu traveling bareng ^o^

  10. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Mbak Fe!!! :)

  11. @Fanny Terima kasih Fan, pasti bisa dong :-)

  12. Halo mbak Feb, so glad that I found your blog! Salam kenal, aku tinggal di Ghent sekarang, been it's been 7 years now. lagi cari ide untuk traveling bareng suami summer ini, thanks for the super nice articles and ideas! :)


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