Hey everyone ☺

Thanks for stopping by & read our travel journey.

We are a couple that living a normal life but put traveling as the highest in our priority.  The world is big and it'll take more than a lifetime to see it all, so we think it's best to start early. 
We value a trip more than any possession, and will treasure our travel memories until we're old and gray.

Traveling is our passion & so far we visited 79 countries & 13 States of USA.
We dont travel to thick off of the list but it s fun to know where we've been and what we gonna do in the future. 

Hopefully along the way , we could entertain & educate people about traveling itself , and it is great to be a cheerleader for those who already loved traveling. 


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The Media is welcome to use and publish our articles & travel photos as long as with our written permission. 
The easiest way to contact us is by email to flawalata@me.com 


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