The Honeymoon Trips

Couples not only get to spend quality time with each other, but can also take this opportunity to learn little things about their better half which may have otherwise escaped their notice, that s why honeymoon is always a part of after wedding ritual.

When we were married in 2007 the number one question I got was “where does someone who married in Bali like you go on a honeymoon?"
Dreaming of a romantic destination wedding with an exotic location was one mission and accomplished, and let Mr Husband decided several destinations for our honeymoon trips.


Choosing an exotic location, checking into a luxurious hotel and following a planned itinerary are passed when it comes to young couples who take off on their honeymoons.
Mr Husband decided want to spend few days after busy wedding day somewhere in the real island where not much tourists around. He pointed his finger to the Maluku map and said he want to visit Kei Island for one of our honeymoon destination.
Kei Island was not famous at all that time, I hardly get enough information about how to reach, where to stay, etc. Only know 1 dutchie through Flickr and from there I got several infos.
Kei Island is absolutely an exotic location, with no luxurious hotel. However we stayed in a hostel with kind hearted owner and warm helpers. The location is absolutely beyond words to describe.


From Kei Island, we flew to Ambon and Makassar and continued our trip to next stop: Singapore.
In fact Singapore is not a spectacular destination for Mrs Wife, but still a new stop for Mr Husband. Unluckily, after all of those busy days in our back and a week in Kei Island, Mr Husband was totally sick, he had high fever and totally not in a perfect mood to explore Singapore. Oh well, there s always a next time!


This time is for another island!
We arrived in Tioman Island from Singapore with a private jet with only both of us, pilot and 1 stewardess on it. In fact, it wasnt a private charter flight, it was Berjaya Airlines with only us on board. Such a great airline, even with only 2 passengers they still operate.
We stayed in Japamala Resort, love at that first sight when I searched around online and seemed like the best place to stay. We decided to book a honeymoon suite, getting pampered at the spa and lazing around by the poolside scream luxury.


Time to say goodbye to Asia this time, and Hongkong as the last stop on our first round honeymoon trip, before we continue to fly to Brussels, Mrs wife’s new home. We enjoyed the Christmas and New Year euphoria in this vibrant city. The weather in Hongkong in December was absolutely perfect. We did a day tour in Disneyland which just opened couple weeks before our arrival.

The traveling romance is one of my favorite themes of all time and being on this trips together have shown me that we truly are a team and can go far together. We are continuing this honeymoon moments dan sharing our stories of fun, adventure, love and romance.

Newlywed is a state of mind, not measured by time. We are keeping our love new and always be honeymooning.

Our blog and photos highlight the many smiles and experiences we’ve shared traveling the world.